Foot Locker Presents:

Designing with Sole x New Balance

Online Masterclass – Design & Marketing
Sports Industry


Design a collection of products, footwear
and apparel using the footlocker consumer
as your muse.

Groups will work together to tell a
collection story.

Makai Robinson

A 23 year old Jamaican-American living through New York's fast-paced life. He represents the new age consumer – someone who is socially conscious,
open-minded when it comes to gender-identity, and technologically savvy when it comes to social media.

On the weekends, he's strolling down Mercer St. going into some of his favorite designer stores just to browse or he's at the Brooklyn flea market – trying to come up with a 'look' for that night's festivities.


Brand Development, Brand Research, Consumer Research, Color Strategy, Material Design, Material Fundamentals, Material Storytelling, Mood Boarding, Product Briefs, Presentation, Graphic Design, Team Collaboration, Swatchbook, Visual Communication.